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The Last Days of Summer

The action has kept going at our Evening Wildlife Watching Hide this summer and there have been some exciting changes made to our hide recently. We have lowered the middle section of windows to allow wheelchair users easier viewing opportunities to make our wildlife watching experiences at Speyside Wildlife as inclusive as possible.

Our starting time has got a little earlier as the nights begin to get darker and we are still seeing the Badgers every evening coming to feed. They have really changed in the time I've known them (I started earlier this year), having grown larger and they will soon be thinking about fattening up for winter. The cubs are still misbehaving and have to put in line with snarling and snapping from the adults!

There is a Badger in this image with its face visible and it is standing above a log in which it's feeding on peanut butter
Badger (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)
Two Badgers are in this image feeding on peanuts whilst being surrounded by logs, needle leaf litter and spruce cones.
Badgers Feeding (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

Badgers don't hibernate, but like most humans they reduce their activity and spend more time inside their setts. Come autumn they'll still eat plenty of worms, but they'll also eat more fruit and cereals, compared to their more carnivorous diets in late spring and summer. Some people have asked if the Badgers drink water - they get most of their water from their diet of worms, so as long as they eat plenty of worms they get their water.

Woodmice have been appearing as well and we've also had the male Pine Marten visiting. He sat on the platform and ate the sultanas and peanuts provided, showing off its silky brown coat and long tail to the visitors. Then when finished he descended down the trees into the darkness.

There is a Pine Marten in this image sat on a platform feeding on peanuts and sultanas looking to the left of the image.
Pine Marten (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)
There is a Pine Marten sat on a platform facing to the left of the image whilst it is feeding on peanuts and sultanas.
Pine Marten (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

If you would like to attend our evening hide please go to:

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