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Nature on your Doorstep

As the weather is beginning to change and the spring equinox is upon us, days begin to get longer, and we are noticing changes everywhere. It is great to get out and explore different places, but sometimes just noticing what is on our doorstep can help us feel connected to nature. I want to share with you what I am noticing in my ‘local patch’ and ways that you can do the same in yours.

Goldfinch outside kitchen window (Kate M)

No matter what your own view is outside your kitchen window, each sight and sound can be enjoyed. Luckily, my own patch is surrounded by mixed woodland in a rural location, but wherever you are, birds and signs of wildlife are everywhere. If you have a nearby tree and bird feeder, you will be surprised how many species of birds you will see over the course of a day.

Garden Robin (James Stevens)

Bird activity levels are rising as is gets lighter and I am noticing the morning chorus starting at around six in the morning with the Song Thrush, Blackbird and Robin. The Robin is also the last bird to hear at dusk, just as your eyes can no longer see further than your feet.

Crocus (Kate M)

Snowdrops (Kate M)

Taking a wonder round your garden, you start to notice new buds and flowers starting to appear. These crocus and daffodils in my own garden, whilst the last of the snowdrops are still visible. Early flowers bring a splash of colour into our gardens and to your home if you wish to pick a few and place them in vases around the house.

Skylark (Colin Scott)

Soon the tree buds will start appearing, but perching birds can still be seen singing and coming down onto bird feeders. A favourite thing of mine to do whilst inside is to open the window slightly and let the noises of outside come in. Listening to the chirps of Chaffinch and dunnock singing below. In the distance I can hear Greylag geese flying overhead as well as listening out for returning spring species like Oystercatcher and Skylark.

If you are staying at home, there are still ways we can listen and enjoy nature. Over on the Speyside Wildlife Facebook page we are going to be streaming a live video each day of our guides ‘local patches’ to give you something to enjoy and watch #dailybirdsong .

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