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May in the Cairngorms

A busy month of new life, birds in full song and colour surrounding our countryside. May has been dry and with warm weather the past few days, the colours from the fresh tree leaves, wildflowers, and emerging insects have been lovely to admire. Tongues on Fire fungi Our guide Sally showed in a recent live Facebook video, the incredible and unusual looking Tongues of Fire fungus. These unusual-looking fungi grow on Juniper, which is abundant in the Cairngorms National Park. At

Helping our Pollinators

We all know that it is important to take care of the wildlife in our gardens such as birds and mammals. But the smaller pollinators important to our ecosystems need a helping hand too, like butterflies, bees, insects. They reply on wild areas of grass and flower meadows to feed from and areas of gardens to make their homes. There are many ways that we can help them all without even trying to and these are just a few. Buff-tailed Bumblebee on heather Feeding our pollinators Ou

Nature through the Senses

As we are in Spring, the daylight hours are longer giving us more time explore changes around us. During this time, we are forced to explore nature on our doorsteps, balconies, on our local walks. There are different ways in which you can experience these changes and nature which is right under our noses, using all five of our senses. Smell Abundance of Skunk Cabbage As plants and flowers start to grow, there are new smells every week. In our gardens, daffodils, blossom and o

Nature on your Doorstep

As the weather is beginning to change and the spring equinox is upon us, days begin to get longer, and we are noticing changes everywhere. It is great to get out and explore different places, but sometimes just noticing what is on our doorstep can help us feel connected to nature. I want to share with you what I am noticing in my ‘local patch’ and ways that you can do the same in yours. Goldfinch outside kitchen window (Kate M) No matter what your own view is outside your kit

February in the Cairngorms

Winter has finally taken hold in the Cairngorms National Park this February, bringing us snow to the mountains and surrounding areas. Waking up to snow stuck to tree branches and even moments of sunshine to show off our landscape. In between the snow however, we have seen water levels, especially in the River Spey very high, with neighbouring fields turning to flood plains. Hopefully the snow will stick to the mountains and wildlife such as the Ptarmigan and Snow Bunting will