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Garden Wildlife and the Big Garden Birdwatch

With the cold weather, we have been experiencing and snow on the ground our wildlife often uses our garden for refuge. Providing food, shelter, and water for them can help to get them through the winter months. As mentioned in a previous blog, tailoring the right food to the bird that visits your garden can attract more. Finches such as Goldfinch love nyjer seeds, sunflower hearts are less messy and a great alternative to mixed seeds and peanuts are readily available and grea

Bhutan – Part Two

Bhutan is split into 19 districts, each of which is administered from a Dzong, or fortified monastery. These are hugely important structures, most of which date back to the 17th Century and as well as being important structures they are also very beautiful. They have commanding positions in the landscape and we were very lucky to visit perhaps the most beautiful of them all, Punakha Dzong. This sits at the confluence of two rivers, the Father and the Mother. From crossing

Bhutan- Land of the Thunder Dragon – Part One

When I was a small boy, growing up in the Borders, my father and I shared a passion for geography, maps in particular. We had in the house an enormous Reader’s Digest Atlas, green and gold and to me it was a door to endless adventures. We used to pour over this together exploring landscapes in far off lands, following mighty rivers, looking at place-names and it was on one of these explorations that I “discovered” Bhutan. I remember asking my father what he knew about Bhut

Attracting Wildlife and Involving Children

Each month, we will be giving you simple ideas of how to attract and help the wildlife in your garden or wild spaces. We hope that these ideas will get children involved, but of course are suitable for all ages. With spring officially here and birds in full song, we will be focusing this month of how we can help them as they begin breeding. These simple ideas can be done with things lying around in your sheds or homes. Female Greenfinch enjoying sunflower hearts You may notic

Taking Time to Experience Wildlife

Whether you are at home or out on your daily walk, wildlife experiences can happen anytime and can often brighten up your day. It may just simply be watching the birds visiting your feeders or unexpected wildlife encounters that put a smile on your face. Here are simple ways that you can take time in your day to see and hear the wildlife that surround us all. Red Squirrel joining for a seat The weather can be unpredictable in Britain, so any chance that you can get outside wi

Nature on your Doorstep

As the weather is beginning to change and the spring equinox is upon us, days begin to get longer, and we are noticing changes everywhere. It is great to get out and explore different places, but sometimes just noticing what is on our doorstep can help us feel connected to nature. I want to share with you what I am noticing in my ‘local patch’ and ways that you can do the same in yours. Goldfinch outside kitchen window (Kate M) No matter what your own view is outside your kit

Is it Catalunya, Cataluñia or Catalonia?

Catalunya, Cataluñia or Catalonia? That’s the question! Can you place it on a map? It’s the north-east corner of Spain, or the Iberian Peninsula. Squacco Heron (Duncan Macdonald) When thinking of Catalunya then maybe Barcelona springs to mind first. A lively, energetic metropolis with connections to the artist Gaudi, the famous Las Ramblas and of course, one of the greatest football teams on the planet! Maybe one thinks of Salvador Dali, the great surrealist, or the family ho

Santa goes birding…

Santa had not been a birder for long. It started one day when he felt less than his usual cheerful self. “Every year is the same!” he said, “Every year they want more and bigger and better presents – it gets harder and harder to do it all – and I’m getting old and tired.” The chief elf gave him a glance. He felt worried, Santa had not been himself recently. “Hmmm, perhaps you need a hobby to take your mind off sorting presents over and over, year after year – you could try b