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Monthly Hide Report

Here is our monthly update from our Evening Mammal Hide in the Cairngorms, near Aviemore.

Badgers - The Badgers have continued to amuse our visitors. There are at least eight Badgers that visit the hide now, all scavenging the small amounts of bait we put out for them. They still squabble, sometimes quite dramatically, but otherwise they’re peaceful and the family dynamics are settled.

There are three Badgers feeding together, one is halfway out of the picture, two of them completely visible, all are feeding on peanuts and peanut butter around some logs.
Badgers Feeding (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

In this zoomed out image there are three Badgers feeding on peanuts and peanut butter around some logs on a large platform with trees and foliage in the background.
Badgers Feeding (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

Pine Martens - The male and female have been coming in, delighting our guests. Sometimes they’ve come down to the ground to look for additional food, perhaps any Wood Mice or Bank Voles that are within easy reach. Sometimes even leaving the hide via the ground, rather than in the tree tops. One time a Pine Marten was on the ground when a Badger was near - the Pine Marten’s tail had been wagging, a sign that it’s unhappy, although - the Badger seemed oblivious to it.

In this image there is a female Pine Marten feeding on peanuts and sultanas on a small platform with some foliage in the background
Female Pine Marten (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

Wood Mice and Bank Voles - Each have been coming in, each experts at grabbing windows of opportunity to grab peanuts whilst avoiding the attention of the Badgers.

If you would like to book your chance to see our nocturnal visitors head over to:

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