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Wildlife Hide – Moving in

The nights are getting lighter, giving us more opportunities to watch and update you all on the action at our new wildlife hide. The weather has also been in our favour to enjoy the animal sightings more.

Wood Mouse

If you have followed these blogs for a while, you will know that not only the larger mammals visited our other hide feeding area. Wood mice like to keep guests entertained as they scurry for any scraps of food before the Badgers eat it all. The good news is that the Wood mice have moved in! The new platform seems to be a perfect home for these small mammals with a daily intake on food on top of their house.

Two regular Badgers

The Badgers continue to visit, with three or four being seen over the past fortnight. Their numbers are lower, but this could be due to the newly born cubs keeping them busy at the sett. We of course don’t know if there are any cubs yet, but we hope to find out over the next few weeks. We are beginning to recognise the individuals as they come in, picking out distinctive tails or colourations. Having them come in during daylight hours just before sunset makes identification much easier.

Pine marten showing off its bib marking

Pine Martens have still been showing on the night vision cameras and one showing early whilst in the hide, giving us great opportunities for photos and videos. This male has very distinctive bib markings and is losing his winter coat, replacing it with a shiny and dark brown one for the season ahead. Its favourite treat is a small hen’s egg, but it is not so keen on the peanuts! Pine Martens of course naturally predate on birds’ eggs at this time of year, so this egg is an easy meal.

Who’s watching who?

If you are not already, follow Speyside Wildlife on Facebook for Pine Marten videos and Instagram where live videos show you the hide action.

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