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Welcome to the BBC Winterwatch Team

Winterwatch is here! The return of BBC Winterwatch has arrived and if you haven’t heard already, it’s coming from our very own Cairngorms National Park. Here at Speyside Wildlife we are excited that the programmes will be based in Abernethy, for not just Winterwatch but also Springwatch and Autumnwatch. The team will be here for a whole year! Taking in the changeable seasons and showcasing the wide variety of wildlife that the area offers.

Gillian and Chris (BBC Springwatch)

Presenters Chris, Michaela, Gillian and Iolo will be exploring species that are unique to this area and covering lots of different areas of the Cairngorms countryside, from the mountains, Caledonian Pine Forests and heathland. We just hope they have dressed up warmly!

Young Pine Marten at the Speyside Wildlife Hide (Jamie Sippit)

Crested Tit (Kate Mennie)

They will be setting up cameras and filming in these different environments in hope of capturing camouflaged Ptarmigan on the high tops, soaring eagles, flocking Brambling and the small, but mighty Crested Tit. Not only birds, mammals will also make an appearance, Mountain Hare, Red Squirrels and Pine Marten, which you can also have a chance of seeing with your own eyes at our Evening Wildlife Hide all year-round. With all this wildlife and attention being on the Cairngorms this year, why not enjoy seeing what the area has to offer in one of our Guided Days Out?

Tune in tonight from 8pm and the rest of the week to see the team exploring this gorgeous (but cold) landscape and wildlife that lives here.

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