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Summer Showdown at the Hide

The Wildlife Hide has had a busy season this year with the nights now drawing in and Autumn coming to an end. We have had visitors from all over the world experiencing the activity at our hide and enjoying the wonders of nature in comfort. Looking back at my first full season at the hide has shown just how exciting that first sighting of a kit or cub can be and how the wildlife can certainly keep you entertained. Why do you need a TV when you can watch it live in HD?!

Pine Marten Kit 2018 (KM)

Watching this year’s Pine Marten kit has been a joy, watching all her learning experiences and becoming independent. Learning the art of balance was a challenge (especially in high winds) as it stumbled across the branches following mum and learning about the Badgers that often shared the food source at the hide. The kit will now be finding her feet (or paws) and settling down in its own den for the winter season. Pine Martens often make their dens in the tops of trees, old Red Squirrel drey’s or quite often in the Winter, anywhere that is warm such as the walls of houses.

Badger sneaking into the hide (SP)

The Badger family have also kept guests entertained through the season, with regular sightings of these bushy tailed and stripy faced animals. One of the cubs turned one evening into a circus act when it decided to use the branches as a tightrope, before swinging upside down and falling gracefully to the ground. The two cubs were in regularly and have now grown, healthy for the Winter ahead. With the light and mild nights, they knew how to keep guests waiting but made it all worth it in the end. We can’t forget our acrobatic Badger, who has been making occasional visits to make the most of the food source without being found out by the others.

Winking Tawny Owl (KM)

There were regular hoots of the Tawny Owl on walks up to the hide and sightings of them flying past in search of mice and voles. The Roe Deer were very active in the old damn that sits behind the birch trees at the hide, giving us good views of fawns that played through the long grass.

Roe Deer Fawns in the long grass (J.Nott)

So, what will be in store for our furry friends this Winter? Remember the Wildlife Hide is open all year round, with reduced hours in the Winter months. To find out more and how to book a night, click here. You can also keep up to date with all the news and action from the hide by following our blog weekly.

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