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Summer Nights at the Hide

With the lighter evenings, every night at the hide is different as to what and when things will make an appearance. The Badgers are tending to come out at different times, giving us views of the regulars and ‘early risers’ of the sett. They are feeding well, with regular views of the Badger cub as it grows and becomes bigger by the day.

Badger cub (Kate Mennie)

With the exciting footage of the Pine Marten Kit on our night time camera, the anticipation grew to see how long its confidence would take to grow and make an appearance in the light. Not long as it turns out, with a close and prolonged view of it in the evening as it fed from underneath the table with mum before heading off to hide. As we watched the mother find her kit who was hiding up a nearby tree, the kit showed its bravery as it jumped from half way up to meet mum on the ground.

Pine Marten Kit (Kate Mennie)

Later in the week, showed more confidence as it fed on the table for at least five minutes with mum. Tumbling, pushing mum out of the way and climbing up the tree in search of food to help it grow. Some nights however it still lets the female come in to feed by herself as it watches on.

Pine Marten Kit (Judith Nott)

The Red and Roe deer have also been making a few appearances close in to the hide. One evening a female Red Deer came in for a closer look, just out of the main spot lights to listen and stare in at the hide. A pregnant Roe Deer also came in for a look, looking rather big. Roe deer gestation period is ten months, unlike other species of deer that are seven months.

With the solstice upon us, most of our time in the hide is during the peak dusk time, when most animals such as Deer, Tawny Owls and Pine Marten are most active in searching for food. For your chance to visit our Wildlife Hide, click here.

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