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Spring is Here

At our Evening Wildlife Watching Hide, the Badgers have continued to entertain visitors. They feed peacefully most of the time but now and then they squabble and one will chase another out of the platform, there are nine Badgers at the moment.

There are now more Wood Mice around, running and grabbing peanuts where they can, using their split second judgement.

A Badger is entering the platform and being shown in relation to the woodland path it came along to get there
Badger (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)
Two Badgers are feeding on the large platform surrounded by trees and logs and in daylight
Badgers (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)
There are two Badgers feeding together on a large feeding platform surrounded by logs and shown in relation to  the field in the background, the whole scene is in daylight, which is rare to see
Badgers Feeding Together (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)
This is an image with a close up of a Badger about to enter the feeding platform on which to feed on peanuts
Badger (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

The female Pine Marten has continued to visit and happily munches away at the sultanas laid out for it. It amazes visitors every time it appears, showing its cat-like agility as it climbs through the branches.

One evening two Pine Martens came, the male came while it was still daylight and even came down to the ground with the Badgers nearby before disappearing over the platform. Then the female came while it was dark and she fed peacefully, then disappeared into the tree tops. Their faces are darker brown because both individuals are now moulting into their summer coats, which are much more chocolatey brown and with creamier yellow undersides, and they lose their winter 'fluffiness'.

This is a zoomed out image of a female Pine Marten feeding on a platform
Female Pine Marten On Platform (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

There have also been Red Deer in the wet field visible from the hide, Common Snipe have been heard calling their ‘chucta-chucta-chucta’ calls and have also been heard drumming. There are roding Woodcocks in the Inshriach Forest uttering their single-note wispy calls and Barn Owls have also been heard hissing nearby.

If you would like your chance to see our nocturnal visitors click here and book your place today.

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