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Secret Lives of Badgers – Hide Update

As we come to the end of March, spring is in the air, the evenings are getting much lighter and the wildlife continue to get more active at our wildlife hide. We still are not able to open to visitors yet but hope that you are still enjoying our update blogs and live videos on Facebook on Monday evenings.

Most evenings we are seeing most of the clan of Badgers as they make their way from the sett to begin their night of foraging for food. Stopping off at the hide for a snack before digging the ground in search of bugs and worms.

Female Badger collecting bedding

There are many signs of Badgers to look out for such as paths, snuffle marks in the grass and even hairs on fences. I put a camera away from the hide last week and got some very entertaining footage of life of a badger away from a food source which is rarely seen. The camera was placed carefully, and evidence of grooming and spring cleaning were captured. Positive footage came from one of the female Badgers gathering bedding for the sett, confirming that this clan are breeding this year. The cubs will hopefully make an appearance at the hide in May.

Clan grooming each other is a nightly routine

Badgers groom each other and themselves to get rid of dirt, ticks and generally to keep themselves clean. Watching them bend and twist and helping each other out like these four grooming each other. It is lovely to see the bond that the Badgers have and shows their secret lives away from the wildlife hide.

Female Pine Marten on the night camera

The Pine Marten has been seen at the wildlife hide the past fortnight, but often avoids the camera! They will hopefully be having their kits soon as they are born slightly later than the Badgers, so could be born within the next month. Around the site, there is evidence of them roaming at night with plenty of scatt being found.

Keep up to date with Speyside Wildlife and follow our social media channels and blog for updates and footage from the hide.  

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