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New Arrivals

Wildlife in the Cairngorms is certainly beginning to wake up for the Spring and the trees and grass is turning green. Last week was very windy, with gusts of wind in the evenings and a mix of sunshine and showers to help the tree buds make an appearance.

Hungry Badger (Kate Mennie)

The Wildlife Hide has been busy with its ‘regulars’ as well as a few Badgers that have been a bit quieter, coming to feed at the hide together. With the strong wind gusts last week, the Badgers were being a bit spooked as they tried to come to the hide. The food tempted them, often coming in with muddy and scruffy faces, making it hard to identify individuals by markings.

Female Pine Marten with possible Kits? (Kate Mennie)

The female Pine Marten, has been coming regularly later in the evening. Our suspicions have been that she may have kits as she has been feeding a lot, and one evening last week confirmed this when we got a glimpse of her teats as she was climbing on the tree. They were very noticeable and red, so we are excited about the possibility of kits running around the hide in the next few weeks. Guests have been getting nice long views of this lovely animal as she feasts on food at the table and along the branch.

Having some food (Kate Mennie)

Guests have also been treated with dusk time animals as we wait by our cars or on the walk up to the hide. Guests heard a pair of Green Woodpecker just behind us on the hill, with only a few breeding pairs choosing the Cairngorms as their home in the Summer. The Woodcock, Tawny Owl and Pipistrelle Bat have also been making appearances. A few summer migration birds have also been starting to arrive, including the Willow Warbler and Tree Pipit.

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