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National Badger Day 6 October 2022

A badger lies within a tree trunk on the forest floor
Badger (Jane Hope)

Badgers have a particular defensive use for their facial stripes. Their bold pattern acts as war paint to intimidate potential predators that might want to kill them such as bears, wolves, Lynx and Wolverine. The use of such patterns in this way are known in the animal kingdom as aposematism. The Striped Skunk of North America also uses its black and white stripes in this way and so do a number of other animals in the world such as caterpillars, frogs and wasps.

Our Evening Mammal Hide near Aviemore, is open all year round and provides a comfortable base to watch our local Badger clan, along with Pine Marten who creep down from the high treetops to feed. Our hide is warm, comfortable and fully accessible. There is outdoor lighting for use during the darker months and even a microphone and speaker so we can hear the animals as they visit too! During the summer months we also have a Badger Photography Hide set within a naturally lit hollow - giving a chance to get really close to these bustling creatures, as they snuffle and root their way through the forest floor.

Two badgers feeding on the woodland floor
Badgers, rooting and snuffling (Jane Hope)

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