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Monthly Hide Update

Here is our monthly update from our Evening Mammal Hide in the Cairngorms, near Aviemore.

Badgers - They’ve been coming in every day without fail so far. There are at least two males and about six females. They continue to enjoy the food we lay out for them and most of the time they get along but sometimes they squabble and run off to take it elsewhere. But otherwise they are peaceful and get along together.

There are three Badgers feeding amongst some logs
Badgers Feeding (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

Pine Martens - There have been at least three nights in a row with Pine Martens, both the male and female. As the year winds down there is less food available and are more inclined to come to the hide. Sometimes our camera traps capture them long after the hide sessions have concluded and enjoy feeding on the food laid out for them.

In this image there is a Pine Marten feeding on a platform above the ground with two Badgers visible at the bottom left of the image
Pine Marten Feeding On Platform Above Badgers (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

Wood Mice and Bank Voles - Each have been coming in, each experts at grabbing windows of opportunity to grab peanuts whilst avoiding the attention of the Badgers. They are still active but I find that as the year comes to a close they seem to want to stay in cover where it’s warmer.

Tawny Owls - They have been heard but not seen since our incredible sighting a few months back. The females can be heard shrieking further down the hill. There was one caught on our camera trap a few days ago sitting next to the platform cleaning its bill with its feathers.

If you would like to book your chance to see our nocturnal visitors head over to:

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