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Midsummer Fun at the Hide

The Summer Solstice, or Midsummer is when the sun is at its highest point in the sky of the year and known as the longest day. Here in the Cairngorms it never really got completely dark with sunset being at eleven twenty-two.

Roe Deer hiding the fawn (Kate Mennie)

The wildlife also made the most of these light evenings coming in earlier at dusk to feed from around the hide. The deer have been particularly active, with both Roe and red coming in close to the hide. This Roe came in with her young fawn that was no more than a couple of days old, a bit cautious to come nearer to the hide as she led her fawn away. A small group of four Red deer were seen out in the marsh, before they grouped together on the path beside the hide for most of the evening.

Male Pine Marten having a feast (Kate Mennie)

Male Pine Marten on the table (KM)

We were visited by three Pine Martens this week, with one of them (a male) coming in very early giving us good views as he demolished the Badgers peanuts before retreating to the table. The female Pine Marten mother has been coming in a few times with her Kit (who we have found out is a female too) feeding and playing on the tree.

Kit on the table (KM)

The Kit is still a little bit nervous of her new surroundings and the Badgers who gave her a scare one night when one of them shook, which startled her. The Kit ran up the tree behind the hide where she hid for at least thirty minutes, with mother continuously going up to try and tempt her down. She finally plucked up the courage to free fall jump off and run off with mum.

Badger coming in early (KM)

The Badgers have ventured out earlier too, with sightings of around six different Badgers last week, including the return of the climbing Badger wo is fighting fit. The cub is now very confident and taking great interest looking into the hide at our guests from two feet away. We look forward to seeing what the following week holds and the warmer weather returning at the Wildlife Hide.

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