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Light, Cameras, Action!

The sun has been shining this May, giving us plenty of chances to explore the Cairngorms and what it has to offer. With sunshine and dry conditions also comes a high risk of wildfire, with campers and visitors being urged not to a have campfires.

Great Spotted Woodpecker

With blue skies and high temperate in the evenings, and the meeting time for the Wildlife Hide moving later, the nights are certainly but lighter where it will soon not get dark at all a the longest day approaches. These lights nights have caused nocturnal animals some confusion about when dinner time really is and is giving other animals a chance to hunt later.

The Tawny Owls have been more active, with quick views as they fly past hoping to find easy prey. The Pipistrelle Bats have been enjoying the abundance of flies and the Great Spotted Woodpecker has been having a late-night snack on the animal bait at the hide as guests settle in. With a new camera screen in the hide, the chances of seeing things we may miss have also become easier.

Hungry Badger family (Kate Mennie)

With a night of rain whilst all others last week were calm and dry, the wildlife seemed to be active. Our Badger cub, now identified as a girl is now over eight weeks old and is still smaller than the other Badgers, slim faced and fluffier fur. She is clearly becoming more independent, feeding at the hide by herself unfazed by lights and noises. Our male acrobatic Badger struggled up the slippery tree trunk to fetch the last remaining bit of food at the hide.

Young male Pine Marten (Kate Mennie)

One evening we were all shocked at the sudden arrival of two Pine Martens within two minutes of each other. Whilst one ate from the tree hollow and one on the table, the question was what would happen when they met in the middle? Anticipation grew as the male started to go towards to hollow, and when they met, they seemed to just give each other a quick glance before going their separate ways. The same male appeared on the table whilst it was still light, enough time for some daylight photos.

What will happen this week at the Wildlife Hide? For your chance to find out, book here.

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