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I Spy…At The Hide

The last week of April, the birds are singing, and wildlife is becoming more active. As you walk through open woodland you begin to see the changing colour of the trees as they turn from a dull purple to bright green.

Inquisitive Female Badger (Kate Mennie)

The wildlife at the hide have been continuing to be more active with regular viewings of both Badger and Pine marten. On Monday, our guests noticed that one of our male Badgers had been in a bit of a fight, with scars to prove it. As the week went on however, he built up his strength and was back to climbing rocks and trees for food. The other Badgers continued to arrive from different directions with five at once surrounding the hide, making it tricky to identify them all. If any of the Badgers that come to the hide have had cubs this year, hopefully the next few weeks will see some new faces arriving at the hide!

Standing to attention (Male Pine Marten) Kate Mennie

Who’s there?! Male Pine Marten on Trailcam (Kate Mennie)

The female Pine marten has been giving visitors prolonged views of her as she feeds above the Badgers, with one Badger climbing up beside her on the tree! One evening recently when it was raining, she came in mainly dry, making us think she may have her den nearby. Pine Martens make their dens in hollowed out trees, in old Red Squirrel drey’s or anywhere they think is comfy and cosy to raise their young. The female Pine Marten is possibly living nearby to the hide, coming for regular feeding, keeping her strength up for looking after her kits. We have also managed to see a male Pine Marten coming in last week on our night time cameras, as well as Badger activity.

With guests having a gentle stroll before walking up to the hide, Green Woodpeckers are continuing to be heard nearby and the last of the birds singing before they tuck up in bed. Why not come and visit our Wildlife Hide on the Rothiemurchus estate for yourself?

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