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British Columbia 2019 with Roy Atkins and Julian Sykes

Orca, british columbia

Pod of Orcas (Julian Sykes)

We set out into Johnstone Straight with high hopes that we might see Orca. The captain seemed pretty confident, but fog was making us slightly nervous. Fifteen minutes later, there they were!! Not just one or two but lots of them, as two families had come together to socialise and were all jumbled together. The huge dorsal fins of the males towered over the rest and they even came under the boat – but even more wonderful we lowered a hydrophone into the water and could hear them making their strange and eerie noises as we watched!

humpback whales, british columbia

Humpback Whales dipping their tails (Julian Sykes)

Stellar Sea-lion, british columbia

Steller Sea-lion (Julian Sykes)

After spending our time with them, we moved on to enjoy Humpback Whales feeding and diving nearby, Steller Sea Lions, a big group of Pacific White-sided Dolphins, Dall’s Porpoises and some great birds. Later, back on shore, we watched a big Black Bear turning over rocks… an incredible day.

sea otter, british columbia

Sea Otter (Julian Sykes)

grizzly bear, british columbia

Grizzly Bear (Julian Sykes)

On other days we saw delightful Sea Otters and went across to the mainland through stunning scenery to see Grizzly Bears fishing in the river – incredibly close and all from the safety of viewing platforms. We enjoyed astonishing views of two Humpback Whales competing to see who could make the biggest splash with their tails and went out into beautiful Clayoquot Sound where we found at least five Gray Whales.

Clayoquot Sound, british columbia

Big seas at Clayoquot Sound (Julian Sykes)

bald eagle, british columbia

Bald Eagle (Julian Sykes)

Add to all this a wealth of exciting birds such as Bald Eagles, Great Horned Owl, Black Oystercatcher, Harlequin Duck, Pacific Loon, Surfbird and lots more and once again this was a truly wonderful trip.

black oystercatcher

Black Oystercatcher (Julian Sykes)

If you would like to join Roy and Julian next year in British Columbia you can book online. Please email or phone 01479 812498 with any queries.

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