Including our Evening Mammal Hide reports, seasonal updates and holiday trip reports.


For the Love of Otters

There is one mammal in Scotland that mainly people hope to catch a glimpse of diving or lounging on seaweed, the Otter. Here at Speyside Wildlife, we love to explore our rivers and coastlines for these unique mammals as they are always great to watch. If you follow our Facebook page you will have seen a recent video from our frozen marshes. Otter on frozen marsh (Kate M) What is an Otter? There are thirteen different species of Otters around the world, but the UK is home to t

Badger Cubs at the Wildlife Hide

With the warmer weather and light nights, we look at the activity at the wildlife hide over the past couple of weeks. It’s not always just about the mammals seen round the hide, as previously mentioned there has been lot of bird activity as breeding continues. Swallow With the first week being very mild and sunny, the evenings were alive with fresh midges and flies around the abundance of trees surrounding the area. This meant that passerines such as Swifts, House Martins and

British Columbia 2019 with Roy Atkins and Julian Sykes

Pod of Orcas (Julian Sykes) We set out into Johnstone Straight with high hopes that we might see Orca. The captain seemed pretty confident, but fog was making us slightly nervous. Fifteen minutes later, there they were!! Not just one or two but lots of them, as two families had come together to socialise and were all jumbled together. The huge dorsal fins of the males towered over the rest and they even came under the boat – but even more wonderful we lowered a hydrophone int