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A Special September

The action has kept going at Our Evening Wildlife Watching Hide.

September is well underway and the mammals have been coming along as always. The male Pine Marten has made his appearances over the last few weeks - there is always a gasp of excitement from the guests from the moment it jumps up from between the two Lawson's Cypresses. He normally then runs along a log bridge to sit on the platform and munch away at the sultanas laid out for it.

While the presence of Badgers doesn't necessarily stop him from coming in, he prefers to come in when Badgers are less likely to be around - one time when a Badger came in as it was feeding, the Pine Marten, instead of climbing down the tree trunks after finishing eating like it would usually do, instead climbed to the treetops and only descended when the Badgers had gone.

There is a Pine Marten in this image feeding on sultanas and peanuts on a platform with some foliage in the background
Pine Marten (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)
There is a Pine Marten in this image with its head bent down feeding on peanuts on a platform with foliage in the background
Pine Marten (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

The Badgers are coming every night and the cubs have grown larger. They still squabble with each other and the adults but otherwise, seem to behave themselves better than they were! One of the Badgers that has a scarred bottom is looking in much better condition than he was, the fur on his tail seems to have grown back and his rump has healed up. I initially wondered whether that damage was permanent but with time, that's not the case.

There are two Badgers in this picture. One facing almost head on to the camera. The other facing to the left. Both are feeding.
Badgers (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)
There are two Badgers in this picture with a slightly zoomed out frame. Both are facing toward the camera as they feed and are surrounded by logs, wood chips and a back wall made of logs.
Badgers (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

Wood Mice and Bank Voles are still coming to the hide, dashing in and out of the logs in search of peanuts that the Badgers have left behind. They can be quite bold and readily take advantage of the Badger's absence to go from one end of the platform to the other in search of food.

There's a Wood Mouse in this image feeding on sultanas and peanuts on a platform.
Wood Mouse (Photo Credit: Harris Brooker)

If you would like to join one of our evenings and have your chance to see our nocturnal visitors please visit our website for further information and to book.

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