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Wintery month at the Wildlife Hide

With a mild start to the year, the weather has certainly turned more Wintery, with snow creating a white blanket on the ground and mountains. The Cairngorms National Park has welcomed BBC Winterwatch to the area where they have broadcast their programme this week, showcasing the best of our local wildlife. Included on the programme, Pine Martens and Badgers from their live cameras.

Badger in snow (KateM)

At the Speyside Wildlife Hide, we have been quiet with guests and the animals enjoyed sleeping rather than venturing out for food earlier in the month. Our night cameras however saw them coming in, in the early hours. Now that the weather has turned colder, with temperatures around minus eight at night, the Pine Martens and Badgers are becoming more active, giving us good views on the night vision cameras.

Mother and Kit Pine Marten playing on night camera

The adult female Pine Marten and her Kit have been making visits to the hide, one night at the same time, having a play in the snow. The Kit will be weaning herself off her mother and may even choose to move onto a different area when Spring arrives. We hope that she stays close to the hide, at least until she finds her own mate later in the year.

Updated Pine Marten Identification chart at the Hide

Any past visitors to the hide may have noticed our family tree of Pine Martens showing their bib markings. Winterwatch have identified three different Pine Martens by their bibs, with each one being unique. An updated chart has now been produced of the Pine Martens from our hide from the last three years till present.

For your chance to spot the individual animals at the Evening Wildlife Hide, then visit our website to book. You can also catch up with the Winterwatch programmes to see the Pine Martens that they have been seeing.

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