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Winter Preparations at the Hide

After the busy Summer season at the Wildlife Hide, things have taking a slower approach. The evenings are at their darkest and the wildlife are preparing for the Winter ahead, whatever weather it may bring.

Tawny Owl watching over the Hide (KateM)

The Mice, Deer and Tawny Owls have been active around the hide, with the Deer rutting and Tawny Owls becoming more vocal. The Tawny Owls are very active in November as they fight to keep their territories, flying and calling through the woods. The BTO are asking for the public to record sightings of Tawny Owls until March in order to survey their population.

Peekaboo Pine Marten (KateM)

The Pine Martens are still visiting the hide for regular feeds, with the young kit from this year feeding as much as she can in order to be able to survive her first winter. This young female should now have her own territory but still shows youthfulness by her active appearances at the hide. Mostly she comes in on her own, but on occasions has been joined by her mother. One evening they both shared a mother daughter moment, playing, fighting and sharing food on the front rocks. They both vanished underneath the rocks, before emerging out of the same gap giving guests a comical moment.

Badger looking for food (KateM)

After the big feed of the Autumn, the Badgers have been in a food coma, only making occasion visits to the hide during the night. They don’t hibernate but after their feast they don’t need food as much, so instead spend days snuggled up sleeping in their sett. When the snow returns, they will adventure out to fill up on food, but until then they are digging the ground in search of worms.

Hide in the snow (KateM)

The Wildlife Hide is open three days a week during the Winter months, so you can still have our chance to see the wildlife on your visit to the Cairngorms. Whether you are here over the festive period or to see the area covered in snow, why not have an evening out to visit our comfortable Wildlife Hide? Visit our website to book.

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