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Wildlife Hide Antics

The last official week of the summer season, with the wildlife hide still being visited as the schools go on holiday. Quite a few windy nights made for some interesting and at times, nervous animals visiting. But cooler weather is starting to take hold in the Cairngorms, with the first hill snow, the wildlife has been as hungry as ever.

Acrobatic Pine Marten (See social media for video) Kate M

We all know that Pine Martens, due to their body shape and long tails have very good balance, especially when it comes to climbing. This was demonstrated one evening when the guests were lucky enough to see both a female and male on the feeding station. However, with the dominant male hogging the food on the table, the female resorted to desperate measures in a bid for a quick bite. Showing their acrobatics as she hangs upside down under the table, before retreating. What a great sight to see!

Best friends! (Kate M)

The two Badger cubs are in a heathy shape to get them through the Winter and still like to come early for their food. A female Pine Marten came in at the same time. After one of the cubs makes a jump at her, they slowly warm up to each other again and all three happily feed. Because these are young Badgers, they are still not sure how to react around Pine Martens, so the female takes her chances.

Hungry Wood Mouse

On a still frosty night a couple of Tawny Owls come close to the hide, just out of sight in the dark. They are very vocal and with the door partly open we enjoy listening to their calls, knowing they weren’t too far away. Bats will be getting ready to hibernate, so we haven’t had many sightings. The Wood Mice are still very active. ‘Bob the bobbing mouse’ as of the guests called it, is still using his shed hiding place, as previously mentioned in a blog.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for live action and head to our website for remaining dates in November.

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