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Who’s Watching..?

The temperate is finally getting warmer, the weather has brightened up for the Mayday weekend and the Wildlife Hide is getting busier.

Nosey Badger (Kate Mennie)

The Hide had its regular visitors last week with good views of both animals most nights. As it was just getting dark an outline of a bird was spotted flying over the hide. At first, we thought it was a gull, but on closer inspection noticed it was a soaring Osprey! The Badgers ran circles round the hide, making it difficult to keep an eye on who was coming and going. The Badgers enjoyed coming in for their feed with a couple of young looking badgers having a bit of an argument over some peanuts. One of the Female Badgers gave us all a surprise (especially me) when she climbed her way up the tree to get to the hard to reach peanuts. All previous attempts from Badgers to climb up the tree have been unsuccessful, apart from our young male, so it was surprising to see that this one managed!

Cheeky Pine Marten (Kate Mennie)

The Female Pine Marten gave us good views last week, being very acrobatic as she searched the branches of the tree for her favourite snack, peanut butter! Even giving us a cheeky view of her tongue!

Roe Deer Buck (Kate Mennie)

Later in the week on the stroll up to the hide, a Roe Deer was slowly walking along side us, using the burnt orange bracken that covers the ground as good camouflage. Once inside the hide, a guest noticed that I was being watched as I put out by a second deer. A Roe Deer buck was enjoying a late evening feed in the heather grassland and was quite happy that I was joining it. Once inside it moved closer, giving us great views as the sun disappeared behind it.

For your chance to visit, click here.

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