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What’s that Bird? – Wildlife ID Qualification

Learn how to identify Scottish wildlife correctly through our Lantra accredited qualification – Wildlife Identification of the Cairngorms. Applications are now open for the third year of our successful course.

Why should I do this course?

If you’ve always wanted to know what the bird calls are that you hear whilst walking through the Cairngorms National Park, or to feel confident that you can tell the difference between a buzzard and an eagle as you scan the hills, then this is the course for you.

White-tailed Eagle (Craig Round)

What will I learn?

How to identify the main wildlife found in the Cairngorms National Park by both sight and sound and have the confidence to show friends and guests these iconic species. You will get to know the best places to find different things, what to look for and will be able to identify what you see.

You will:

  1. be able to ID the main species of birds and mammals found in the Cairngorms at different times of year, both in theory and practice and be able to explain the main characteristics

  2. be able to keep good records which build up an effective and reliable bank of information

  3. know how to handle a situation where you can’t ID a species with certainty

  4. know the law and be aware of how to watch wildlife responsibly

  5. understand the importance of communicating effectively with guests paying for a guided day out, an employer wanting a survey, etc

Students and teacher looking for signs of wildlife

Learning to look for signs of wildlife

Students finding feathers to identify wildlife

Feather identification

Capercaillie poo

Capercaillie poo

Looking for wildlife on the riverbank

2017/18 Students

Student completing field notebook

Field notebook completion

If you would like further information and an application form please email us.

Further details:

Qualification advert, closing date 3 March 2019
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