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Welcome to our Wildlife Hide

It has been an exciting time at our wildlife hide, with more times to follow. After a few months of unanticipated waiting we are delighted to now welcome the public to our new facility in the Cairngorms National Park. We have been continuing to monitor the activity at the hide, including bringing live views on Facebook and running a couple of evenings to test out the facilities.

Badger (Kate M)

One of the regular Badger cubs from this year is gaining more confidence by the week and is not afraid to squabble with the adults for the last few peanuts available. Sometimes this clan like an early dinner and I came face to face with this Badger cub one evening, initially oblivious to my presence before scampering round the corner until dinner was served.

Male Badger moving log

A male Badger can weigh up to 17kg, averaging at around 13kg in the summer, meaning they also have great strength. They use their front legs for digging, collecting bedding, climbing, and moving items such as logs to reach food. At the hide, we like to provide logs that will show this natural behaviour and makes it more of a challenge to get their food. One heavy log with a hollow middle is a challenge to the smaller Badger who try reaching down with their long snout, where as this male uses its strength to push the log over.

Red Squirrel visitor

With a small number of visitors so far, we have been noticing a wider selection of wildlife that are all possible in an evening. Roe and Red Deer in the distant field, the sound of Tawny Owl hooting from nearby woodlands and Bats flying at dusk, catching the flies and midges that gather. Red Squirrel can also be possible, with two sightings last week, jumping through the branches looking for a late-night snack.

Young Badger (Jane Hope)

With the new systems in place for everyone’s safety, we can now open some evenings to bookings and we look forward to welcoming you. Check out our website for updates information and ways to book.

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