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Summer at the Wildlife Hide

Our new wildlife viewing facility has now been open for three weeks, and it feels great to be able to share wildlife sightings with the public again since last year. With reduced days available and new measures introduced to protect everyone, each evening has been busy with bookings and the weather has been on our side, with some stunning sunsets from the viewing window.

Red Squirrel

As we now come to the end of August, it is hard to believe we are coming to the end of the summer months as the nights are slowly getting darker. We are now starting half an hour earlier as the behaviours of the wildlife begin to change. As we start the evenings in the daylight, a visit from a Red Squirrel is even possible!

After months of observing the Badger clan without guests, it is great to see they are already used to increases people inside the viewing facility. They keep us entertained, showing their natural behaviours of digging, moving objects, and climbing the trees, with logs on our platform creating areas for them to work for their food.

Badger cub with the clan (Centre back of the photo)

If you have followed our live Facebook videos from the hide, you will have seen this young cub that also made an appearance this week with guests able to see the size difference between it and the adults and two other cubs. The main male Badger of the clan wasn’t completely happy with the cub taking his food, but they soon fed happily together. Even though the cub is now starting to grow, it is still very small for this time of year, so hopefully, it will manage to gain enough weight over Autumn to get through the Winter.

If you are visiting us over the next few weeks, remember to bring a Midge net or natural spray as they increase in numbers. The Badgers have even been getting annoyed with these small biting insects. Visit our website to find out about Hide availability.

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