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Scotland or the Mediterranean?

For over a month now the weather has been dry and sunny with last week recording the hottest temperatures of thirty-two degrees. With temperatures cooling down slowly in the evening, our dusk animals have manged to stay clear of most of the heat. The Wildlife Hide has resembled a sauna as guests have been watching for the wildlife.

Roe Deer Buck (Kate Mennie)

The cooler evenings have given further great views of the Roe and Red Deer as they graze on the dry grass behind the hide, along with their fawns who follow the mother closely. A couple of Roe Deer were so comfortable they lay down in the long grass close to the hide for most of the evening, with only their pointed ears showing. The Tawny Owl has been busy hunting again, staying well camouflaged against the rippled birch bark as it scanned the lower ground for any movement from a Mouse or Vole.

Wood Mouse eating its peanut in peace (KM)

After the Pine Marten Kits scare last week from one of the Badgers it has been slightly shyer last week, often going into the safety of the high tree tops as mum feeds from the table. She is however, getting much bigger now and races mum to the feeding table. One male Pine Marten has also made an appearance at the table, one night at the same time as the female. The male and female tossed and tumbled over the food, whilst the kit stayed out of the way in the tree.

Female Pine Marten (KM)

The Badgers are continuing to make an appearance, often refusing to leave at the end of an evening in search of every single peanut. Our acrobatic Badger has been climbing the branch and tree again as he reaches the last of the food t the end of the evening. The Badger Cub is building more strength and confidence as it explores the hide.

With the school holidays upon us, treat yourself to a night at our Wildlife Hide.

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