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Rewilding 2018 – spaces available

“This year sees our first ‘Rewilding’ holiday, an exciting prospect for me, but as everything is coming together, I’m more excited about the fascinating experiences on offer to our guests. As well as the activities already in the week’s itinerary, we have just added a visit to one of our local Estates, something guests on our ‘mammals’ week, tell us has been a holiday highlight for many years. We shall hear from staff about their role in land management, whilst also venturing out onto the Estate to explore further.

Red Squirrel (Jane Hope)

We have the opportunity to understand the complexity of the Scottish Highlands through the eyes of the landowners; those earning a living from the natural environment; conservationists and the ‘Rewilders’, whilst also enjoying the magnificence of the Cairngorms National Park and beyond, with all of its glorious fauna and flora, including Beavers too!

Scottish Wildcat (Jane Hope)

This is a holiday with a difference; fabulous wildlife coupled with the chance to meet interesting folk who are at the forefront of Rewilding in the Scottish Highlands, so come and join us on this adventure to find out more about the new concepts and challenges for conservation in this unique and spectacular landscape.”

If you would like to join Sally in July / August this year, you can book online.

White-tailed Eagle (Craig Round)

Feral Coat (Jane Hope)

Strathdearn (Jane Hope)

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