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October in the Cairngorms

October has seen the Cairngorms filled with sunshine and showers, Autumn colours and a change in our wildlife. The Summer visitors have all gone and there has been migrators in abundance arriving from colder climates.

Redwing (RSPB)

Fieldfare Gathering (KateM)

Some of these Winter visitors are the Fieldfare and Redwing from the thrush family. Fieldfare are similar size to a Mistle Thrush but have a more distinctive grey head and rump, which shows well when in flight along with the black tail feathers. The black lore’s and orange breast make them recognisable, especially when large groups show in the fields as they search for food. Redwing are slightly smaller (like Song Thrush) and have a very visible white supercilium above the eye and rusty red underwings. Large groups of Redwing have been filling our skies, often mixed with Fieldfare. The influx of these thrushes shows that there has been a good crop of berries to feed from such as the Rowan, and other fruits in gardens. This could mean a good year for Waxwing sightings in the area and up by the coast, if the thrushes don’t get there first!

Autumn view looking over to the Cairngorms (KateM)

With the first snow fall of the season here in the Cairngorms, the sight of the white hill tops and the vibrant autumn colours made for some stunning scenery. The changeable weather and winds saw the leaves trying to cling on in October as well as beautiful still mornings with frosty mist over local lochs. This changing weather means the wildlife are preparing for the Winter ahead,visiting our feeders more and animals like the Pine Martens and Red Squirrels have started to grow in their winter coats to keep them warm.

Red Squirrel having a feast (KateM)

To have your chance of seeing what the beautiful scenery has to offer and to look for the winter visitors here for the Winter, you can book an exclusive Day Guide with us.

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