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Mice for Dinner at the Wildlife Hide

The nights are rapidly drawing in, the colours on the trees are turning and we have had some very mixed weather. The Wildlife Hide has been continuing to be busy as we now creep into Autumn after busy summer months. All the usual mammals have been showing well and keeping guests entertained in many ways, and if you follow us on social media or have read the previous blog you may understand why.

Pine Marten and cub looking inquisitive towards each other (Kate M)

After our last blog, with the Pine Martens ‘leaping’ from the shed roof to the feeding table, they have been gaining more confidence. The female Pine Marten in particular, if the Badgers are in, has now started to sneak in along the ground getting further towards the table. Often, she manages to get up to high ground and enjoys some snacks before jumping as fast as possible into the long grass again. Often the Badgers don’t even notice her and get a bit of a shock when a Pine Marten flies over their heads!

The Wood mice and Voles take their chance when the mammals are in, darting as fast as they can to grab a peanut before retreating under the shed. Once the Badgers have eaten everything, they need get to the feeding table where there is often peanut butter left. We were admiring a Mouse one evening settled on some peanut butter, that it didn’t notice danger coming. Suddenly, it starts running and out of nowhere a Pine Marten takes its prey! It is great to see the animals natural hunting behaviours.

the Badger ‘clan’ at the hide (Kate M)

The Badger cubs are growing quickly, and if they come in wet it can be hard to identify the individuals. One cub has learnt that if she comes in early, she gets the best of the food before the others arrive. There are about five Badgers that often come in together and the food disappears very fast. The poor mice haven’t had the best time, as one of the Badger bores also managed to catch a mouse, looking very happy with himself as he trotted off.

With autumn coming the wildlife will start to feed up for the winter ahead, so if you would like a chance of seeing an of our mammals, check our availability for October, here.

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