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Hide Update

We are back with our evening mammal hide updates to share with you all. As many of you know, after our hide burnt down last May, we have been ensuring we are continually bringing mammal action to you online. Over the winter months the team has been working hard, and the new hide is nearing completion. Although we cannot quite share the joys of the new facility to you just yet due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we continue to monitor and bring you fresh news.

Badger arriving before sunset

As we enter spring and a month when Badger cubs and Pine Marten kits start to emerge, it is an exciting time to see what could appear at any point. Through different cameras and live viewing, we hope that any new arrivals can be shared with you, as we get to know this new ‘clan’ of Badgers and Pine Martens.

Two of the clan

Over the past few months our guide has been observing the nocturnal activity and getting to know individual animals. It seems a particularly good size clan, with lots of action including sibling fights over the food. As our evenings get lighter, the bird’s dusk chorus barely begins before the first Badgers are in searching for food. This does mean great daylight viewing and photos.

Pine Marten with stunning bib markings

There are certainly a good number of Pine Martens in the area and a few have been visiting the new hide. By using different cameras and viewing areas we are now able to start identifying genders and individuals by their bibs.

Over the next few weeks, stay tuned to hear all Speyside Wildlife’s Evening Mammal Hide news, which we hope to share with you all in the comfort of your homes. Head to our social media platforms including Facebook where we are sharing daily bird song and footage from the hide.

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