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Guided Wildlife Day Trips in the Cairngorms National Park

Many people visit the Cairngorms National Park for its beauty and a chance to see some of the unique wildlife that can be found here. Speyside Wildlife, based on the northern side of the Cairngorms, covering the area of Strathspey and Badenoch with highland glens and coastal wildlife watching not too far away. If you are coming on holiday looking for a unique chance to spend a day exploring the area and look for wildlife, a day guiding experience with one of our experienced wildlife guides is a brilliant way to achieve this.

Loch Insh

Caledonian forest and lochan

What is day guiding?

A day can be between four and ten hours long and tailored to your wildlife hopes. In our comfortable minibus or in convoy with your own car we will visit different locations in the area based on your hopes and it will be a relaxed day of spotting and walking to take in the area’s beauty. Our experienced guide will tailor the day based on a brief conversation and share their knowledge throughout the day.

Crossbill (DM)

Dipper (Sue Healy)

White-tailed Eagle

Crested Tit

Crested Tit (James Stevens)

Where to day guide

On our website you will see a varied list of options on where you would like to base your day. The Cairngorms and nearby coastline are hugely varied in environments giving us an abundance of wildlife and places to choose from. From woodland days looking for Red Squirrel, Crested tits and more to upland highland glens for raptors and Red Deer, there is a day to suit everyone’s interests. On a woodland day, you might like to look out for Red Squirrel, Crossbill, Crested Tits, and other birds that call the woodlands their home. If you are looking for a day to explore the national park and its variety of landscapes and wildlife our Cairngorms National Park choice would suit you perfectly. Our day guides are very relaxed and a picnic out in the field gives us time to scan the hill tops as we eat and talk to our knowledge guides.

Red Deer stag (Steve Broddack)


What wildlife do you see on day guides?

What wildlife you can expect to see on day guides is depending on the time of year and of course the location you wish to explore. In early spring and summer, most of our wildlife is easier to find and summer migrants like the Osprey are back to breed with bird song guiding us to their location. In autumn, our highland glens are full of young and adult raptors taking to the skies and Red Deer gather to begin their rut. Winter is quieter and day light is limited but our resident Crossbill, Crested tit and other woodland birds often come closer to find food. If the weather allows, our mountains and upper glens are a great place to look for Ptarmigan, Snow Bunting and Mountain hares as they wear their winter coats. The coastlines around Moray and Inverness are a superb place at any time of year, for Dolphins, wading birds and possibly even Otter.

Bottle nosed Dolphin (DM)

If you would like to include something different in your holiday and explore our stunning landscape for some of our unique wildlife then you can visit our website on details and book a day with one of our knowledgeable guides.

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