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Continued Watching at our Wildlife Hide…

After the news about our wildlife hide, we were determined not to let this affect the wildlife. Baiting has been continued and we have another wildlife viewing area to enjoy. Within a couple of nights, the wildlife was getting used to the new area, with Badgers taking slightly longer to find their way. So, with continued wildlife watching, what has been happening over the past month at the hide?

Pine Marten at new hide (K Mennie)

The Pine Marten have been very active as the lighter nights draw them in earlier, coming to the feeding table for food. Perhaps curious of this new facility, they have been finding interesting ways to find get to the food. One evening a guest was standing at a window when a Pine Marten jumped on top of the seven-foot fence post, giving her a curious look. Standing as still as we could it didn’t seem phased and jumped onto the roof of the building before coming into view.

The Cairngorms National park at midnight! (K.Mennie)

The nights are much longer, meaning the light only starts disappearing near to midnight. This means that guests have been able to walk back to their cars without a torch and we have been enjoying the bright skies and stars. As Badgers are nocturnal however, they have been waiting until we are in all bed. We have been seeing them on our night cameras put out most nights, so we know that they are visiting our new facility.

Red Deer in the dark (K.Mennie)

As always, other animals have been active during these dusk hours, including Roe and Red Deer, Wood mice, Bank Voles, Woodcock and Bats. Tawny Owl have been heard and seen flying through and the surprise sound of Snipe echoing over the marsh was a nice addition.

As we head into the school summer holidays the hide is becoming busy, and with this temporary hide limited to six people each night, be sure to check our website for availability.

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