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Badgers Up To Their Old Tricks

It’s been quite an exciting week at our Evening Mammal Hide in the Cairngorms, with the Badgers coming in every night. They’ve been up to their old tricks again, feeding, fisticuffs and digging, but by and large they got on fine with each other and have been entertaining the guests every night there have been any.

With the strong winds we have all experienced recently this has rippled their fur which made for some interesting photos and showed the density of their coats!

Badger in the woods, with the wind rippling it's fur
Strong winds rippling fur (Harris Brooker)
A Badgers rear with the wind blowing it's fur
Look at how dense their coats are (Harris Brooker)

For one of our groups, our Pine Martens kept them waiting until the last minute with a late arrival after 9pm, but our patience was rewarded when our female came into feed., This one appeared very nervous, but we had close views and were able to identify her as a regular, with her single brown spot on her bib.

A Pine Marten looking through the branches
One of our female Pine Martens (Harris Brooker)

As the days are getting longer and spring is on its way, things are getting busy at the hide, and we shall keep you updated via our blog as usual!

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