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Autumn at the Wildlife Hide

Autumn is in full swing, and the mammals at the wildlife hide have been very active. Autumn is a key time for all mammals to get as much food before the winter. Mammals like Hedgehogs hibernate to conserve energy, but mammals like Badgers and Pine Martens don’t, meaning they need as much energy and nutrients in the Autumn to get them through the harsh winters we often get in the Cairngorms.

Wet Badger cub (Kate M)

The Badgers particularly have been eating plenty and this year’s cubs are growing quickly! It’s only a month until they are fully grown, and it is getting harder to individually identify them as they eat, grow and develop. One cub still has a sweet tooth and enjoys the peanut butter more than anything and her darker fur makes her easy to identify. The second cub is much bigger, but her more ‘bent tail’ appearance is a key identification feature.

Spot the sheltering Mouse! (Kate M)

The Wood Mice continue to keep guests entertained with their antics. Dashing in and out of the shed to grab a nearby peanut before retreating away from danger. One mouse has discovered a gap underneath the roof of the shed and is using this space to shelter from rain. One evening even watching the nearby Pine Marten on the table, knowing it was safe from danger.

Red Deer rutting in the glens (David Braddock)

Autumn is also an important time for some bigger mammals, the Red Deer. In Scottish glens the roar of the stags rutting can be heard echoing. The Wildlife Hide in its rural position is also a great place to listen for any passing Red Deer or on distant hillsides. Listening with a window open to the echo of nearby Deer Rutting was nice for guests to hear.

Not long until the Autumn season comes to an end, so visit our website to check Wildlife Hide availability.

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