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All the Action at the Wildlife Hide

Since our last blog, the temporary wildlife hide has been busy! It is now the height of Summer (although the weather doesn’t seem to agree) and the wildlife is actively searching for food to feed young and teach their young about the environment where they live.

As we passed through June, the very light evenings meant that it didn’t get darker until around midnight! Pine Martens often kept us waiting and Badgers were more irregular, but still being seen on the night camera.

Male Marten showing off his teeth (KM)

There have been a few different Pine Martens being seen at the hide each evening, but one more so than others. A big, handsome male is becoming more regular and is now claiming this territory for his own, chasing off any other Martens that dare to come close. A female has also been more regular too, although avoiding the mal the best that she can. With this territorial male, this may be the reason we haven’t seen a kit yet at the hide. A few of the curious Pine Martens are still jumping on the roof of the hide, peering inside the hide.

Badger cub (KM)

With all these light evenings, a rainy night meant the sky got dark and the badgers arrived early! A female and two males fed on the ground around the hide. They have become more regular, late on in the evening, but it is great to see their interactions. Excitement one night as a Badger cub came with its mum, much smaller than the others and more wary of any noises. Watching it learn feeding habits from parents and coming close into the windows is a real joy. One of the males made sure the cub knew its place when it tried to take a peanut and the male took it by the scruff, as if to say, “that’s my one!”

To check availably through the Summer check out our website here.

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