Including our Evening Mammal Hide reports, seasonal updates and holiday trip reports.


The King of Climbers

The Pine Martens have been showing off their skillful climbing abilities at the Speyside Wildlife Hide. With the increasingly later sunset times as we head towards the summer solstice, the forest surrounding our foraging space has remained well-lit from the lingering light. This has given guests the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Pine Martens as they move amongst the trees and towards the hide. The tall Pines form a complex canopy, holding their branches out at rights

March in the Cairngorms

Although many of you have not had the chance to visit the area for obvious reasons, we hope these blogs keep you up to date and excited about your next visit to the area. March has been an unseasonably mild month with blue skies for days, plenty of signs of spring appearing and birds singing from treetops in the Speyside area. Even staying close to home, walks to local lochans and through our varied woodlands, wildlife has been active and stopping me in my tracks to admire an

October in the Cairngorms

A month of rain, wind, sunshine and plenty of wildlife, Autumn has been in full swing this month in the Cairngorms National Park. After quite a dry season, the storms rolled in over October bringing plenty of rain to the area along with vibrant colours and fungi galore. With the arrival of heavy rain, our waterfalls were looking spectacular and small streams turned into torrents of peaty water coming from our mountain tops. Flooded stream and rain dropped leaf Common Puffball

Nature through the Senses

As we are in Spring, the daylight hours are longer giving us more time explore changes around us. During this time, we are forced to explore nature on our doorsteps, balconies, on our local walks. There are different ways in which you can experience these changes and nature which is right under our noses, using all five of our senses. Smell Abundance of Skunk Cabbage As plants and flowers start to grow, there are new smells every week. In our gardens, daffodils, blossom and o