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Extremadura with Darren Rees

Surprises! Ferruginous Duck (Michael Pearcey) My tour-leading year often starts, first of all, with Extremadura in spring and you might think that with 22 holidays to this magical destination there might be no more surprises. How wrong – Ring Ouzel and Ferruginous Duck were new for starters! Open Country Highlights Red Rumped Swallow (Adam Moan) Yet it’s the staple treats that work their charm every time. Like me, guests always fall for our special guesthouse, the delightful

Is it Catalunya, Cataluñia or Catalonia?

Catalunya, Cataluñia or Catalonia? That’s the question! Can you place it on a map? It’s the north-east corner of Spain, or the Iberian Peninsula. Squacco Heron (Duncan Macdonald) When thinking of Catalunya then maybe Barcelona springs to mind first. A lively, energetic metropolis with connections to the artist Gaudi, the famous Las Ramblas and of course, one of the greatest football teams on the planet! Maybe one thinks of Salvador Dali, the great surrealist, or the family ho

Extremadura 2018 Trip Report

“It’s always a pleasure to be in Extremadura in the springtime and this year’s holiday was another delight – despite a couple of damp days! Luckily the vans proved to be handy mobile hides to watch Great Bustards, Little Bustards, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse and others, while the ‘rain in Spain fell mainly on the plain.’ Great Bustards (Duncan Macdonald) Guests never fail to fall for the charms of our guesthouse, the delightful Vina Las Torres, not only for the warmth of hospitalit