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Spring Signs at the Wildlife Hide

The wildlife around our wildlife hide has spring in their steps and activity levels are beginning to increase. As the last of the birds like Song Thrush and Robin sing their evening song the Tawny Owls have been heard from nearby woods, getting ready for the breeding season ahead.

Time for dinner!

After the previous blog, the Badgers have been showing signs of breeding as the whole clan venture out in search of food. The females tend to arrive first for an early bite before the males, who are showing battle scars on their rumps as fighting occurs at this time of year. The bore is showing the youngers males who is boss and when in a fight they will grab each other rumps and necks as they twist and roll. Their scars often look worse than they are, and fights do not last long.

Signs of Badger acitivty

When out a walk it is great when you see signs of local Badgers as they make marks on the land. In the above photo you will see a log covered in 2 inches thick of moss, but where the Badgers have repeatedly climbed over with their low stomachs, the moss is removed, and the log becomes smooth. Snuff marks where a Badger pushes its nose into the ground to smell for worms and insects, with scatt in dung pits around a Badgers territory. Fresh bedding being moved underground is a sure sign of breeding as they keep new born cubs warm and clean.

Pine Marten female at hide

The Pine Martens have also been more active as the temperatures remain milder. This screenshot taken from our night vision camera footage shows the female looking for the egg that is sometimes provided as a treat. It will be great to share these animal experiences with you again soon, keep up to date on our website and social media channels.

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