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Inner Hebrides pelagic trip - 2022

The Inner Hebrides islands of the West coast of Scotland are remote and quite often unexplored. With its rugged coastline, remote islands, blue water and wildlife around every corner, the Coast of Scotland is a popular place to visit amongst tourists and wildlife watchers alike. We visit remote island such as Eigg and Rum by boat, perhaps skimming the edge of Skye, explore the Ardnamurchan peninsula and the islands of Coll and Tiree, where our second adventure will take us around the waters here.

The first of our sea ventures will begin near Mallaig, where we climb onboard our charter boat for the day, the MV Shearwater. Heading towards the Isles of Rum and Eigg, species such as Manx Shearwater, Storm Petrel and Gannet use the rugged islands to nest in the summer months. We will be able to stretch our legs on one of the islands around here or even the southern end of Skye. We will search the skies for White-tailed and Golden Eagles and the water for Harbour Porpoise and Minke Whale.

The Ardnamurchan peninsula is a well-driven road by many, and one day before our journey to Oban, we will be taking in the single track road past stunning viewpoints, bays and sea lochs where Otter and Diver species fish. Searching all the while for Eagle species and seabirds from the Lighthouse. To get further out west, the Calmac ferry will take us to the remote island of Coll. Coll and Tiree are renowned for their tranquil secluded white sandy beaches, clear turquoise water and sunsets out west.

We will spend time on Coll exploring the island, staying in our private accommodation before taking a second pelagic adventure around the Inner Hebrides. We will spend time round Tiree and the Treshnish isles in search of sea species such as Great and Arctic Skua, divers, cetaceans with our key species the Basking Shark. During only a few weeks of the summer months, Basking Sharks migrate and feed around the Inner Hebrides islands where their food is plentiful. The second boat vessel of the holiday with Basking Shark Scotland will allow us to search the waters for these giants as they find food round these islands in the summer months. With clear water, their wide-open mouths, used for gathering (food) should be visible as they scan the waters around the boat. This boat trip will also give us chances to see the Manx Sheerwater as they prepare for migration, Porpoise, Minke Whale and more from the comfort of the boat.

Stopping on private beaches, exploring the turquoise waters, and experiencing these islands from a different way whilst watching the wonderful wildlife you can find around these Inner Hebridean islands, it sounds like a perfect holiday.

Find out about the holiday here for your last chance to book.

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