Including our Evening Mammal Hide reports, seasonal updates and holiday trip reports.


Birds, Bats and Badger fun at the Wildlife Hide

We have been keeping an eye on the action at our new wildlife evening hide, to give you fortnightly updates since we cannot welcome any visitors yet. There has been plenty of action over the course of May. As we have moved location there is much more bird life, and of course the Wood mice and Bank Vole have moved in underneath the platform, scurrying around under the Badgers feet to pick up peanuts. Wood Mouse Great Spotted Woodpecker As the garden birds now have young in nes

Diary of a Wildlife Hide – 2019

To conclude this year’s Wildlife Watching Hide, let’s look back at 2019. If you have been following our weekly blogs, you will know all of the antics that have happened over this year and how the wildlife never fail to surprise us. Our old wildlife hide (Kate M) As we entered the busy season in early May, and breeding season for the wildlife, here at Speyside Wildlife we were shocked of the news that our evening hide had burned down overnight. Thankfully nobody or animals wer

Inquisitive Visitors to the Hide

The warm weather lasted until the end of February, where the mammals behaviour changed as the females start to look ahead to giving birth in the next month and Spring arrives. They have been moving around a lot, defending territories and searching for food. Curious Tawny Owl from last Summer (KM) The Tawny Owls are becoming vocal, Woodcock were seen and heard above the hide at dusk and the Bats have come out of hibernation. Evenings are getting much lighter so these animals w